Bathroom renovation - Classic simplicity

Sometimes the hardest project for a designer is their own. We are acutely aware of the bounty of choices out there and how satisfying any number of possible schemes or solutions could be. I recently renovated a truely aweful small bathroom in our 1929 fixer upper (it hadnt been touched since built and wasn't wearing well).  A conundrum for me with this project, was that I have plans in the future to renovate & expand the house; at which time this particular bathroom will become a stairwell. So how to renovate a bathroom on a modest budget with as much bang for our buck, so that should we sell before my renovation plans are realized the bathroom adds value to the property but doesn't cost us an arm or a leg...

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BATHROOMS - Seatoun Heights Rd

These are photos from a project I designed for a home in Wellington, New Zealand.   The cabinetry was wholly designed by myself and the aim was to have a contemporary clean look with a nod to the craftman style of the house. The designs incorporated elements of recycled wood taken from the house during demolition.