Penelope Jones is the creative inspiration and principal designer of Penelope Jones Interior Design. The studio is based mid peninsular in the San Francisco bay area, Northern California, with projects in California, New Zealand and beyond.

Penelope Jones Interior Design was established in 2006 after I spent a number of years working for distinguished interior design & architecture firms both in San Francisco and New Zealand.

I have worked on a wide range of projects spanning both sides of the pacific, including two years working on the Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy, the renovation of a 1924 picture palace and many residential homes. My diverse design background results in visually striking and highly functional interiors that reflect each clients unique project.

I prefer to create projects that are reflections of who my clients are, tempered by my eye for color, texture & proportion. My skill is creating cohesive interiors that feel fresh, clean, interesting and with a joie de vivre.

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to San Francisco in 2004. My american born husband and I are now domiciled in our tiny 1920's fixer in Emerald Hills with our two children and two dogs and not nearly enough storage space.

My education includes a Bachelor of Design Degree in Interior Architecture and Design, from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, travel, cultural explorations and a thirst for new & old ideas and inspiration.